10 Good Habits that Smart Students Practice

1. Daily prayer and bible reading time

2. Regular calls/emails home – keeps you grounded/accountable

3. Do homework immediately and at set times

4. Have a set time for CU/Church/Witnessing other related activities

5. Gain a strong grasp of the Gospel and your own testimony

6. Think and pray about what you want to do once you leave university

7. Take exams seriously and prioritise them when needed

8. Choose friends carefully (both Christian and non-Christian)

9. Set sensible and permanent boundaries in relation to sin

10. Have fun and enjoy university!

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  1. Helen Stargate. UCL04 January, 2013

    Very helpful, thanx.

  2. Leona Wright, Birmingham University12 February, 2013

    My dad found me this blog, I will be visiting this again.

  3. Reuben, Edinburgh University.09 October, 2013


  4. Many more thanks to you TSS.

  5. Calvin, Yale, USA15 October, 2013

    I have a new set of Godly friends now, free from peer pressure, who needs those friends that only stick to you because you pay for their drinks at fancy restaurants and nightclubs. I failed the first year of my course, it was my first time away from home, but I'm now in another university doing well. I agree 100% with you TSS.org!

  6. George, Oxford19 October, 2013

    Surely, will recommend this to my peers. xxx

  7. Adele, Washington DC21 October, 2013

    I pray God sends us some more mentors.

  8. Uche, NewYork21 October, 2013

    Friends, friends, friends I love them and I love Jesus too.

  9. Dapo, London23 October, 2013

    Please pray for me I am kinda feeling low at the moment, my laptop is stolen.

  10. Reuben, Edinburgh University.30 May, 2014

    I love your 10 Good Habits - I call them 10 Precious Gems. They Sparkle!

  11. Jorgen, Amsterdam14 July, 2014

    Yeah, I kinda love this post!

  12. Andy Blair27 August, 2014

    Surely works for me.