Your Purpose at University

Your number one purpose at university is to get that degree! If you fail at that, it doesn't really matter what else you have achieved, as those things all could have been done without shelling out thousands of pounds or dollars a year in fees alone for the privilege. These are the reasons why: 

1.      It is what you (or your parents) are paying for, and you should respect that
2.     It is a much better testimony to non-Christians when you are successful than if you are failing
3.     It will stand you in good stead to get a good job (whether in marketplace or missions), or go on to further study

University is an exciting time. You have successfully passed one stage of your educational career and are embarking upon the next. You are a Christian. University offers unique opportunities to gain academic knowledge, meet new people, learn about yourself and grow in your faith.
You may have heard that your faith would come under some challenge at University and it is likely that you have prepared for that. It may even be the case that you have come to university armed with tracts and an articulate presentation of the Gospel.
There is one thing to remember. You have come to university to gain a qualification of some description, whether it be a bachelor’s degree, a masters, PHD or other. This is what you will be measured against once you leave.

Perhaps you have already decided what you want to do or become, a doctor, lawyer, investment banker, policy maker or even a mission worker? Or maybe you have chosen a degree without quite knowing what you want to do with it yet. In either case, what you get out of University academically at the end of the day is important. That First or 2:1 is what crowns your time at University and as Christians it can be easy to lose sight of that.

It is what you (or your parents) are paying for, and you should respect that
Many of us were fortunate enough to be raised in Christian homes. For those of us who are the first generation of Christians, this still applies. Our parents are sending us to University with one purpose in mind and that is to gain a qualification. They will of course enjoy all of our stories about how we successfully defended the gospel in the school canteen. However if we fail our degree, they will ultimately be disappointed. As will we, if we are honest. Just getting by isn’t good enough either. A 2:1 is a commendable degree, but not if we could have achieved a First.

To find out how this affects your evangelism or whether this impacts you as a budding missionary see our next post here.

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