The Smart Student
Details: The Smart Student is our flagship course for Christians at university. It is designed to help all students, whichever stage of their courses they are at, be equipped to handle the practical and spiritual challenges of university life. It is a 2 day residential course, by the end of which, each delegate will have a robust survival guide and practical tools to excel at university.

Dates: March 2015, June 2015, September 2015, December 2015.
How to register: Via Your University's Student Union/Christian Union
Location: London, New York, Los Angeles, Johannesburg
Cost: Free


Q.1 What if the course date clashes with my exams or other important study dates?

Ans: The course has been designed around dates that will not interfere with your studies, but students must choose the appropriate month  they deem their work load is less.

Q.2 How much do I need to pay?

Ans: The course is absolutely free and the cost of transport, accommodation and meals is taken care of by generous donors who have been through university life and are now in highly rewarding employment.

Q.3 How many students can the course accommodate at a time?

Ans: This depends on location - London 100, New York 85, Los Angeles 65, Johannesburg 150

Q.4 It's my first year in university, will I feel secure?

Ans: Absolutely! We love you and want to help you form strategies early enough to cope with the challenges of university life. Older students attending also transfer an invaluable wealth of information to the younger ones. 

 Q.5 I am allergic to certain foods, how will I cope?

Ans: Inform us a week prior to your departure and we will take care of this.

Q.6 Will there be an opportunity to socialize and meet other Christians?

Ans: Yes, meetings like this have helped Christian students form healthy networks within the christian community, some have even found  their future wives or husbands in these settings.

Q.7 Will there be separate accommodation units for male and female students?

Ans: Yes, our units are designed to cater for mutual respect between the male and female gender and avoid compromising each others integrity as a group or as an individual.